Developing an Abundance Mindset in Your Everyday Life

Developing an Abundance Mindset in Your Everyday Life

Shifting into an abundance mindset is not exactly a walk in the park. It can create conflict with our logical mind, and bring up past wounds, conditioning, or trauma. I know what you’re probably thinking: “how the heck do I practice abundance when there is so much that I feel like I need or want in my life?”

The trick is to appreciate what you DO have, no matter the situation, and trust that you are always being fully supported (by the Universe, God, Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it).

You are always, always exactly where you need to be, no matter how cliche that sounds. 

Here are three tricks for developing an abundance mindset in your everyday life:

    1.  Practice gratitude often

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Be grateful! The first step towards shifting into a mindset of constant abundance and bliss is being aware of and grateful for what you already have.

Start a gratitude journal, and write down a couple things that you are grateful for each day. Make a gratitude practice a daily habit, and aim to keep those grateful feelings close to you throughout your day.

Write yourself little gratitude sticky notes and put them up around your living space, as little reminders to be thankful for the gifts around you. Express your gratitude to the important people in your life – thank them for how they’ve helped you, and tell them what you appreciate about them.

The more you truly feel grateful for what you’ve already been blessed with, the more you will experience abundance manifesting everywhere in your life.

    2.  Stay present – focus on the NOW

It’s easy to get hung up on what you don’t currently have, or what you believe is missing in your life. This is standard behavior of our human mind, always seeking more, whether it be more money, more things, more freedom, more satisfaction, etc. This mental habit is constantly bringing us out of the present moment, further distancing us from living in a state of abundance.

In order to shift this mental behavior into a mindset of abundance, strive to stay as present as possible throughout all your daily activities.

A wonderful way to do this is by placing all awareness on your breath. Become aware of the way your breath feels as it flows in and out of your body. Feel your chest expand and contract, and visualize the air nourishing every cell of your body. Release your thoughts as they pop into your head, instead focusing on remaining present with the cycle of your breath.

Another fantastic practice to establish and maintain presence is to place conscious awareness on your bodily sensations and your immediate surroundings. For example, feel the wind on your face. Notice the smells on the breeze. Note the way the ground feels beneath your feet. Pay attention to the way the dragonfly hovers in your garden. There is endless beauty all around us, if we make the effort to notice and appreciate it.

We are continuously blessed with SO many gifts that often go overlooked. 

    3.  Recognize abundance all around you

Acknowledge the abundance that is already surrounding you at all times. Have you ever wondered where your next meal would come from? Have you ever gone to bed hungry because you couldn’t afford to eat? Have you had to sleep on the street because you couldn’t afford a place to live? This this the reality that surprising amounts of the world’s population are forced to face every day.

If you are reading this, with an internet connection, chances are you have never worried about these things. If you have, it was likely only for a short period of time during your life. Considering this, you are extremely blessed and fortunate, right? It’s crazy what things we can so easily take for granted.

Trust that you are supported, and that you are worthy of limitless abundance in your life. This begins with your mindset! Release any feelings of scarcity or lack that you are holding on to. You MUST recognize and appreciate the wealth and abundance that is already in your life in order to attract more of it into your reality. 

If you operate with love and honest intention, there is absolutely no way that you can fail or ‘run out’ of resources that are necessary to your life and your path.

By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you will notice a distinct mindset shift, as you become a more appreciative, grateful human being. You will become aware of the abundance that already exists all around you, and be amazed as more joy, wealth, and bliss begins to flow into your life.

Be mindful of your inner dialogue – if you have any underlying feelings of doubt or disbelief, it will be harder to fully embody that abundance mindset. A post regarding overcoming and releasing self-limiting beliefs is coming next week:)

What experiences have you had regarding embodying an abundance mindset? Have you experienced any major struggles or breakthroughs? Please share below!

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