Preparing for Our Transition to a Life of Freedom

Preparing for our Transition to a Life of Freedom

Creating a lifestyle of complete freedom does not (usually) happen overnight. In our case, it took many, many hours of hard work, along with careful planning, budgeting and preparing.

Prior to creating a plan of action, Brian and I were both seriously lacking inspiration and motivation in our work & daily lives. This aimless activity is what led us to get serious about creating a different type of life for ourselves.

We craved a life where we could live each day with purpose, so we decided to trust our intuition and go for it. 

In the first few months of knowing each other, we spent many hours talking about potential plans and fantasizing about a life of freedom. Freedom to intentionally choose what we wanted to spend our time and energy on each day, instead of simply working a lackluster job purely for the paycheck. Freedom to pour our hearts and souls into projects we truly cared about, while connecting with likeminded individuals. This was the foundation from which Freedom Yogis was created.

Brian inspired me to think completely differently about how life can look. I woke up to the fact that I didn’t have to live a lifestyle structured around the societal conditioning and expectations of the world around me.

It was as if a blindfold was lifted off my eyes, and I’ve never looked at life the same. Embracing this notion required a certain level of sometimes totally blind faith and trust in the Universe (or God, if you prefer that term), which I understand isn’t fitting for everyone. However, it has worked incredibly well for us.

Starting in August 2015, we began to save as much as we possibly could. We eliminated all unnecessary expenditures, and started spending money as mindfully as possible, always keeping our goals in mind. This required making sacrifices, but to us, it was totally worth it.

We did hours and hours of research, and decided on a specific target monthly budget to fund our long term travels. We decided to save $1,000 USD each for each month we would be traveling. We wanted to be able to travel for 8 months to a year while figuring out our next move to sustain ourselves financially. We created a detailed savings plan, decided how much longer we’d need to work to save that amount, and then we did exactly that.

Fortunately, neither of us had any debt aside from my student loans, which I set on auto pay, and calculated into my overall budget. This allowed us to start where we were – I started with $0 in savings, while Brian had a couple thousand already saved. He’s way better than me at the whole saving money thing. 😉

A major money saving habit we adopted was not eating out or going out partying. We prepared all of our meals at home – which was not only massively cheaper, but healthier too. I just about completely stopped drinking when I met Brian (he doesn’t drink) so all the money I had previously been spending on drinks with friends and weekend nights out went straight into savings instead.

Additionally, when planning for a long term travel adventure (which was our plan), your extra spending naturally becomes limited to only things that you will be bringing with you on your travels. We completely stopped any extra little purchases, and made very conscious purchase decisions. All those small purchases really add up over time. We made very detailed and specific lists of exactly what items each of us needed prior to beginning our trip, and slowly began to check things off.

Throughout the winter, we both worked SO much in order to stash the extra cash. Watching my savings account grow really motivated me to continue to save as much as I could. We began to sell a lot of our extra stuff in the final months before quitting our jobs which gave our savings an extra little boost.

As we drew closer to our end date at our jobs, our excitement grew through the roof. We were facing a leap of faith of epic proportions, something completely different from anything I’d ever known.

There was so much uncertainty involved, and it was exhilarating.

I had no idea exactly how our adventure would unfold, but one thing I knew for sure: it was absolutely, without a doubt, exactly the path I was meant to take. This was something I felt (and still feel!) with unwavering certainty, down to my core. I’ve never doubted it for a second.

Maintaining such a strict saving/budgeting lifestyle can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining a social life. I found it extremely helpful to have someone else to go through this experience with – someone who understood my extreme savings goals. It seems like the main things people our age do during the winter time are things like go out to dinner, for drinks, or to shows. All of which cost money, which adds up, and prolongs achieving savings goals. We chose to sacrifice those small pleasures for a much more satisfying end result.

As the months continued, we were amazed that we were able to reach our savings goals two months earlier than expected.

We quit our jobs in early July 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

We have been ‘jobless’ (as in not receiving a steady paycheck – we’ve done work trades at many places) for ten months now, and yet we’ve spent a shockingly small amount of money. This has required a whole lot of discipline and sacrifices along the way, but it has been worth it tenfold.

We’ve had a few different paid work opportunities come our way since leaving our jobs, but the same reasons we left our full time jobs have prevented us from accepting these offers. It is our highest goal to create a life of purpose, where we can weave our passions into intentional work.

This is why Freedom Yogis exists today – it is our joy to help inspire, encourage, and empower others to pursue lives that make their hearts sing.

We believe everyone has a unique purpose, and we aim to help you discover that, follow it, and attain it.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or ideas! Our audience is our inspiration and the true reason why this website exists.


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