The Beginning: Creating Our Path to Freedom

Creating Our Path To Freedom

Brian & I met at a music festival in Oregon in the summer of 2015. From the moment we locked eyes, we both felt like something much larger than ourselves was taking place. We each felt a strong sense of familiarity, of knowing, as if we already knew each other, even though we had never met.

We instantly connected, and within a few months we were dating. Reflecting on our chance meeting, it’s clear that we met at the exact perfect moment in each of our lives.

We have both experienced profound personal growth since meeting (I would describe it as an accelerated awakening), and we agree much of this growth is due to the experience of sharing life with each other.

Shortly after we met, we shared incredibly deep, thought provoking conversations regarding what we believe our purpose is, and what our true passions are.

At the time, I was working 50 hrs/week at a retail management job I wasn’t truly interested in. Brian was working as a medical assistant, considering going into massage school because he wasn’t sure what else he wanted to do.

We were both working purely for the paycheck, which left us feeling unfulfilled. We felt unsure about our next steps, lacking any clear goals or a plan to get there.

Brian was the first person in my life to make me question why I was doing what I was doing. He caused me to ask myself intense questions to really dig into my personal motivations and consider what type of life I wanted to create for myself. He believed in me, motivated me, and supported me from the beginning. He made me challenge my beliefs surrounding my societal conditioning, causing me to rethink what defines ‘success’ in life, and consider what unique form this idea of success could take in my life.

As a result, I embraced the notion that money does not buy happiness, and a life experience that fills your soul is overwhelmingly more important than one that only fills your bank account. This has inspired me to follow my heart, trust my intuition, and share my talents and gifts as much as I possibly can.

About a month after we started dating, we decided that we wanted to go backpacking. Something was calling us to Costa Rica, so we began researching, planning, and fantasizing about a future long term trip through Latin America. After some serious budgeting and smart spending, we were able to save a good chunk of money for our extended travels. In July 2016, we quit our jobs and began our nomadic life, embracing the unknown adventure ahead.

We spent a couple months exploring the Pacific Northwest before flying to Costa Rica, where I fulfilled a lifelong dream of completing a yoga teacher training. Brian and I spent 3 months in Costa Rica, exploring and teaching yoga and surf, before heading North through Central America. As I write this, we are in Oaxaca, Mexico, and have been traveling for nearly 7 months.

Our trip through Central America has brought about a massive shift of awareness and perspective, positively changing our lives forever. We are excited to head back to the Pacific Northwest to spend the summer enjoying the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and hot springs of Oregon, Washington, and surrounding areas.

Currently, we have no plan to ever go back to any boring jobs where we don’t feel excited or engaged with what we are doing. We are thrilled to be creating a life of freedom, where we are able to shape our life and work/life balance to one that aligns with our hearts and souls. This is what true freedom means to us.

Combining this self-created freedom with our deep commitment to the yogic path is what has led us to create Freedom Yogis.

We have a burning motivation to share this passion with others, inspiring people like YOU to create your absolute dream life – one where you wake up feeling excited, happy, motivated, and thrilled to be living your soul’s purpose.

We strongly believe that when an individual is living their soul’s purpose, trusting their inner guide and following their heart, they create a profoundly greater positive impact on their families, their communities, and the world. This causes a ripple effect, spreading positive energy and love to more and more people, as awareness shifts and people begin to wake up to the truth that we each create our own reality.

What kind of life do you want to live? Will you join us in creating a life of freedom?

Click here for a detailed description of how we planned, budgeted, and prepared for our transition to a life of freedom.


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