6 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life

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6 steps to manifest your dream life – can it really be that simple?

Yes, it can, and we created this list to show you how. This is exactly how Brian & Summer, creators of Freedom Yogis, manifested a major leap to freedom, where we quit our full time jobs to follow our passions and live a more intentional life.

1: Decide what your dreams are, and what your dream life looks like

Step one is obvious – you must decide what you want to manifest. Be crystal clear about what your dreams consist of. Write it down, draw a picture even. Focus on the end result, and don’t waste any time thinking about how these dreams will manifest. There are many different ways that your dreams can come into your life – don’t let yourself become too attached to any one specific course of action.

Be sure to focus only on what is wanted. For example, if you want to be debt free, don’t write down “debt free” because this phrase still contains the word “debt” in it. Instead, focus on how you want a zero balance on your loans/credit card, etc.

2: Get specific

Get specific. Get extremely specific, down to the smallest details. How do your dreams look, smell, sound, or feel? Imagine you are living your absolute dream life right now, and focus on the details of what you’d be experiencing around you.

If one of your dreams is to own a beach house, describe exactly what looks like (what colors it is painted, how the door looks, what color rug is in the entryway, etc.) as well as what the flowers out front smell like, or how the waves sound from your back patio. Imagine feeling the hardwood floor beneath your feet, or the soft cushion of a couch in your living room.

Having unclear goals or dreams is a common mistake. Don’t be vague with any of your dreams.

3: Change your language and verbalize it

From this point forward, change your language to reflect as though your dreams are happening NOW. Instead of saying “I want to…” say “I am…” This creates the mindset of having already accomplished the life of your dreams.

The Universe responds to vibration. Thoughts, words, and feelings are all vibration. That being said, if you consciously focus your thoughts and feelings in a manner aligned with that of your dreams, you can’t help but attract those dreams into your life.

Verbalize your dreams! Tell people about it. Talk about it more and more. Talk to friends, family, coworkers, even someone you just met. Verbalizing your dreams and speaking about them as if they are absolutely already coming true will help bring them into your life.

4: Visualize it

Visualize your dreams as reality. Visualize it as if you are living it, right now, and feel what emotions you would feel in that moment. Concentrate on those emotions, those feelings of having already accomplished your dreams.

Sit in stillness and focus on those feelings. Observe your emotional response to your dreams being your reality. Feel this feeling as the truth.

5: Take action

For each of your dreams, write down 3 specific action steps that you can take to begin to propel you towards that dream.

Is there anything you can do today? How about within the next week? Month? Small steps add up. Mindfully taking intentional action towards your dreams will bring them into your life.

6: Trust, believe, then let it go

With your visualizations in mind, feel your dreams, believe that they will manifest, and then let them go. Trust that they will come true. Do not spend any time concerned about how they will manifest.

It is absolutely crucial that you release any doubts you may have concerning your dreams. Keep your awareness on the feeling of living your dream reality instead of entertaining any fleeting thought of doubt.

It can be helpful to revisit the visualization exercises regularly, in order to reinforce the feelings associated with achieving and living your dreams. This focused awareness will attract your dreams into your life, as long as there are no thoughts or feelings of doubt.

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