How 5 Minutes of Yoga a Day Can Change Your Life

5 minutes of yoga a day can change your life. Truly.

Reflecting on my own experience with establishing a daily yoga practice, it’s easiest to start small. This is why I firmly believe just 5 minutes of yoga a day can change your life – because it changed mine. I speak from experience, and I aim to convince others to at least give it a try, and see how they feel.

You absolutely do not need to be flexible or fit to benefit from yoga. I encourage you to try it (preferably more than once) before saying it isn’t for you.

5 minutes is such a short amount of time, and yet it can seem like a lot when initiating a new habit. Reflect on your past week, and consider how much time you spent aimlessly scrolling through social media each day. Was it more than 5 minutes? Be honest. For me, it was easily more than 5 minutes. It’s easy to pass time mindlessly, but it can seem daunting to take mindless habits and turn them into mindful ones. Here’s where discipline comes in.

Start small. Google a sun salutation sequence and practice it for 5 minutes each day. Use YouTube to find a short video – there are millions available for free. Be mindful with your breath, and see if you can release all your mental chatter, remaining present in your breath and bodily sensations. It is preferred to do this practice around the same time each day, in order to reinforce the new habit in your mind and in your daily routine.

It strongly recommended to journal how you feel each day, or at the very least, each week. Set one specific day as your weekly personal check in, and take note on any differences you observe. Note the subtle changes you may feel after completing your practice, compared to before you practice each day. I suggest using an app such as Insight Timer. Insight Timer allows you to log & track sessions as well as enter written journal entries. This app is focused around tracking meditation sessions, but has options for yoga, tai chi, and other activities. Brian and I use it daily!

Speaking from my personal experience, as well as from hearing about many others’ experiences, I am confident that a daily physical yoga practice can and will change your life for the better, if you have the discipline to stick with it. Aside from the physical benefits of an asana practice (more flexibility, strength, and balance), the mental and spiritual benefits are profound and lasting. Yoga is a moving meditation, helping to calm a busy mind and bring more peace and tranquility into your life. It relieves stress and renews your personal connection with yourself, your body, and your spirit. The result is a much happier, more positive, and joyful YOU.

I challenge you to try just 5 minutes of yoga each day. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please comment below! Brian and I are both certified yoga teachers and would love to offer support and guidance.

Enjoy the journey!

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